Selecting a Pet Groomer in Las Colinas


Grooming your pet on a regular basis is a great way to keep them clean, tidy, and fresh. Grooming sessions also allow you to regularly check for any rashes, allergies, and infections.

Why Grooming is Important

A complete and thorough groom is important because it: 


  • Removes dirt, debris, and dandruff from your pet’s fur and skin
  • Spreads natural oils across the pet’s body for healthy skin and fur
  • Removes dead fur and undercoat to prevent matting
  • Monitors for lumps, bumps, wounds, infections, and parasites
  • Aids in natural thermoregulation with a properly groomed coat
  • Checks ears, eyes, skin, and teeth for abnormalities that need veterinary attention


Finding a professional groomer is a great plan since some grooming tasks can be difficult and may require more specialized tools and expertise. 


Story Road Animal Hospital Can Groom Your Pet in Las Colinas

Generally speaking, you want to find a pet groomer who offers a variety of services such as bathing the pet, brushing the fur, trimming the nails, and cleaning the ears. If you’re in the Las Colinas, Irving, or Euless areas, then check us out at Story Road Animal Hospital

We’ve got the tools, equipment, and talent to calmly and expertly provide for all your pet’s grooming needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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