Know What Your Dog is Saying With Its Tail


Don’t you wish that you could talk to your dog? Well, believe it or not, your dog is constantly sending you signals with their tail. As responsible pet owners, it’s important we understand what our pups are communicating to us so we can respond accordingly. 

Here are some signs to look out for that will help you know what your pet is telling you:


  • The tail is perky and high: If your pup’s tail is in this position, then it’s likely they’re feeling confident and in control, and is great for their self-esteem!


  • The tail is high and still: This position indicates that your dog is alert and wants to portray dominance. 


  • The tail is high and wagging: This position shows that your dog is happy but is also in a state of alertness. 


  • The tail between the legs: This position indicates a state of fear or submission.


  • The tail is straight out: If your dog’s tail is in this position, it’s likely that they’re feeling uncertain and cautious. They are taking in new information from their surroundings. 


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