How To Stop Your Dog’s Peeing Problem

Owning a dog is one of the most joyous experiences known to man. However, every dog owner knows the pain and annoyance of potty training your canine companion. Whether it's from disobedience or just a plain misunderstanding, dogs peeing where they aren't supposed to can be a significant problem. If you don't want your house to get ruined, you need to know how to solve your dog's bad habit!


Understand Your Dog

Inappropriate urination can be annoying, but you shouldn’t be scolding your dog or getting aggressive because of it. It may just cause trust issues with your canine companion and scare them to the point of further behavioral problems. Your first step should be to understand why your dog is peeing where it shouldn’t. They may be scared of something, placing their scent on a particular item, or they may just be unaware of what they are really doing. Learn your dog's behavior, so you can approach the situation better!


Teach Them Where They Should Go

If you want your dog to only pee in certain areas, you will need to teach them how to do it. It's important to remember to be patient with your dog, and it won't be as simple as just pointing where they should be peeing. It may be difficult, but your dog will eventually learn what it should be doing. Nevertheless, here are some things you should be doing:


  • Increase Chances to Pee: Think of how many times you need to go to the toilet in a day. If your dog is healthy and drinking plenty of water, it will need to urinate frequently as well. If you aren't giving them chances to pee where you want them to, then they are just going to go anywhere they can.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Dogs learn best when being praised or rewarded for something they did. If you want your dog to pee in proper places, start by praising them or rewarding them whenever they do. Soon it will become habitual for them even without the positive reinforcement.
  • Clean the Areas You Don’t Want Them to Pee: If you notice your dog peeing in specific locations, you need to thoroughly cleanse it. Your dog may be attracted to that spot due to various reasons, and you need to clean it to make it less attractive to them.


Have Your Dog Checked at Story Road Animal Hospital

There is no better place to have your canine companion observed than at Story Road Animal Hospital. Our staff are experts at handling dogs of all kinds, temperaments, and behavior. If you need some help evaluating your dog’s urination issues, our top facilities are more than capable of assisting you. An experienced veterinarian can help you pinpoint the exact causes of your dog’s peeing problems. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for your soon-to-be potty-trained pup!


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