Five Flea Borne Diseases in Dogs

Fleas, the insect parasite that menaces pets and households alike. These jumping bloodsuckers are masters of survival and quickly overwhelm a household. However, fleas are far more than just annoying pests. These insects are infamous for spreading disease as they endlessly pursue their next blood meal. Continue below to learn about six flea-borne diseases that will make you and your pet’s life miserable. 


Here are six commonly spread flea-borne diseases that can affect both pet parents and furbabies alike:


  • Plague: The most infamous of flea-spread diseases. Plague is transmitted by the oriental rat flea in areas of the world with high populations of infected vermin. 
  • Flea-borne typhus: This disease is spread by the fecal matter of infected cat fleas. The bacteria enters the body usually at the time of the flea bite, or due to excessive scratching of the skin.
  • Bartonellosis: Also known as cat scratch disease, this bacteria is spread from the bites of both the oriental rat flea and cat flea.
  • Flea tapeworm: Fleas are a common vector of tapeworms. When your dog bites at the fleas scurrying around their body, your pup may accidentally consume a flea carrying tapeworm larvae - resulting in compounding parasite problems.
  • Tungiasis: Considered one of the “ forgotten” tropical diseases, this condition results from pervasive burrowing of the chigoe flea into the feet of a host (typical site of infection) The female then expands with eggs within the skin creating painful and itchy wounds which can cripple and expose a host life-threatening secondary infections. Females typically infest the paw pads of canines unfortunate enough to be parasitized by this exotic and horrifying flea species. 


It’s essential as pet parents that we never underestimate a flea infestation. Fleas are not only an itchy nuisance to both you and your pet, but can also be the cause of health concerns in both you and your pet.


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